MGA Bylaws








The Fredericksburg Men’s Golf Association is formed to promote fellowship and the game of golf at Lady Bird Johnson Golf Course.  Changes in course conditions, policies and operations may be recommended when appropriate to the club professional and/or Director of Parks & Recreation of the City of Fredericksburg.




Membership in the Fredericksburg Men’s Golf Association is open to all men nineteen (19) and older.  Honorary memberships may be given upon approval of the Governing Board.  Professional golfers and college golf team members may join the Association, but cannot participate in the MGA or Senior MGA individual championship tournaments.




Annual dues will be determined by the MGA Board, and are due on or before January 31st of each year.  Ten dollars is used to establish and maintain individual handicaps.  The remaining portion is used to enhance tournament prize awards, provide meals and refreshments when appropriate, and to pay any operational costs of the Association that may occur.




The Governing Board will consist of a President, Secretary-Treasurer and five (5) Board members.  The club professional is an honorary member of the Board with full voting privileges.  The Board will serve one-year terms from January 1st till December 31st.  Election of new Board is conducted in the month of November.  The incomplete term of any Board position will be filled by Board nominations and a majority vote of the Board members.






  1. The preparation and distribution of the tournament schedule for the            coming year.


  1. Collect dues and pay association expenses.


  1. Maintain and report financial records.


  1. Conduct, score and determine winner or winners of each Association tournament.


  1. Prepare or procure any meals or refreshments when needed.


  1. Publish tournament results or any other Association news.


  1. Conduct meetings when called for by the President or other Board members.


  1. Maintain and update FMGA winner boards.  Procure special awards for Medal Play, Match Play, Senior Championships or any other trophies and awards the FMGA may deem appropriate.




1. To participate in a MGA tournament, a member must be in good standing and have an established handicap or a handicap that has been approved by the Board.


2. One Board member or the entire Board is responsible for each MGA tournament.  They will provide the format, fees, rules of play and scoring for each tournament.


3. Members will be allowed to invite four (4) guests during the year to play in all events.  Guests must have a verifiable handicap and will have to join the MGA in order to play in more than four (4) tournaments.


4. If a participant walks off during an MGA tournament for any reason other than injury or emergency, he will be subject to a ban from the next two MGA tournaments.


5. Children under the age of 10 years old are not allowed, unless pre-arranged by all playing opponents before tournament begins.


6. Pets are not allowed during an MGA tournament.


7. In the event of tie scores, players will play off, if all parties agree, they can split the prize money. Scorecard playoffs are not allowed. All Championships will be played off to determine the City Champion.


The club professional will settle any rulings or tournament disputes.





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