Fredericksburg Ladies Golf Association By-laws



The governing body of the Association shall be the Executive Board, which shall be comprised of the four elective officers of the Association namely the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and the monthly Tournament Chairman.



SECTION 1 –  Nominations for officers shall be made by a nominating committee composed of three active members appointed by the President and approved at the October meeting.  They shall report at the November meeting the name of one candidate for each office to be filled.  Additional nominations may be made from the floor.  No person may be placed in nomination who has not agreed to serve if elected.

SECTION 2 – The officers shall be nominated and elected annually at the November meeting and newly elected officers shall take office in January.

SECTION 3 – Vacancies in office shall be filled by the Executive Board.



PRESIDENT – The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board.  She shall appoint all special and standing committees.  She shall be responsible for seeing that the book for the new year is completed and distributed.

VICE PRESIDENT – The Vice President shall preside at any meeting in the absence of the President.  She shall serve as the Publicity Chairman.  She shall act as a liaison with the City and she should also write the FLGA letter for the monthly Golf Newsletter.

SECRETARY – The Secretary shall keep all minutes of the Association and of the Executive Board.

TREASURER – The Treasurer shall collect and receive all money for the Association and shall deposit same in the name of the Association in a bank selected by the Executive Board.  She shall keep all accounts of the Association and make a full report at each meeting.  She shall pay all bills by check.

TOURNAMENT CHAIRMAN – The Tournament Chairman shall plan all tournaments for the month.  She shall direct all tournaments following the directions of the Golf Pro.



Meetings of the Association shall be held on the second Thursday of each month, from February through December.  Books for the new year to be handed out at the February meeting.



INITIATION FEES – There shall be no initiation fee.

ANNUAL DUES – The annual dues are $20.00, plus the pro shop amount for handicap, payable at the December meeting.  There will be no pro-rating of annual dues.



SECTION 1 – The Association shall hold tournaments open to all FLGA members..  The time and type of tournament shall be determined by the Tournament Chairman and cleared with the Golf Pro.  In order for a member to be eligible for Club Championship, she must have an established handicap from Lady Bird Golf Course and have participated in at least 4 tournaments sponsored by FLGA from Championship weekend to Championship weekend.

SECTION 2 – The Association may sponsor and hold other golf events from time to time, as the Executive Board determine.  Entry fees and other conditions will be decided by the Board.

SECTION 3 – The Executive Board shall be empowered to use any available funds of the Association to supplement entry fees in providing prizes and trophies for winners of events held or sponsored by the Association.



These By-Laws may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the Association, by a two-thirds vote of the Active members present.



This organization shall be known as THE FREDERICKSBURG LADIES GOLF ASSOCIATION

ARTICLE II    Object

The object of this Association shall be to promote and encourage the game of golf among women of Fredericksburg and vicinity.

ARTICLE III   Membership

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: Any woman over fifteen years of age who is interested in the game of golf and will take an active part in the activities of the Association is eligible for membership.

INACTIVE MEMBERSHIP: this organization shall have no inactive membership.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: This organization shall no longer have Honorary Membership.

ARTICLE IV    Amendments

This constitution may be amended at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of all active members present.  Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Executive Board at least one month before the vote is taken on the amendment.  All further additions and/or changes to this Constitution and/or By-Laws shall include the date of approval by the membership.


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