Proposed Amendment to the Bylaws May 13 2014

May 15, 2014

At its May 13 2014 meeting, the Board of Directors unanimouisly voted to amend the bylaws concerning committees.  As the bylaws allows written consent, the proposed change will be sent to the members for vote by email.

Current bylaw:


Section 6.1 Committees may be designated by the Board of Directors as needed from time to time.

Section 6.2 Standing Committees

Membership/marketing: Shall maintain records of all active and junior members, seek future memberships, develop and effect marketing strategies designated by the Board of Directors.

Green: Shall develop guidelines and standards based upon authoritative sources, such as the USGA, and other golf course management organizations to be recommended to the Director of Parks and/or his agents to further enhance the playability, aesthetics, and value of the golf course and the golf experience.

Club House: Shall develop guidelines and standards based upon authoritative sources and modern management technology to provide recommendations on best practices for overall management of all club house operations including but not limited to the pro shop, grill, and Cardinal Room.

Nominating: A committee of 3 members selected by vote of the general membership. The nominating committee shall submit candidates for all the open positions for the officers and Board of Directors at the appropriate time for election as outlined in these Bylaws

Section 6.3 Committee designation, chairmanship, structure: The Board of Directors shall reserve the right to add, remove, appoint chairmen and alter committees as required from time to time


Proposed amendment:


Section 6.1 Committees may be designated by the Board of Directors as needed from time to time.

Section 6.2 Standing Committees:

Green: Shall develop guidelines and standards based upon authoritative sources, such as the USGA, and other golf course green area management organizations to be recommended to the Director of Golf and/or his agents to further enhance the playability, aesthetics, and value of the golf course and the golf experience.

Handicap: Shall develop policy in accordance with the USGA and such other authoritative bodies to provide for fair and equitable competition at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Golf Course.

Junior Golf: Shall develop policy in consultation with the Director of Golf and provide support for the Junior Golf Program at Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Golf Course.

Nominating: The Board of Directors shall function as the Nominating Committee. The nominating committee shall submit candidates for all the open positions for the Officers and Board of Directors at the appropriate time for election as outlined in these Bylaws

Section 6.3 Ad Hoc Committees: The Board of Directors may from time to time designate committees for shorter term projects. The ongoing need for each Ad Hoc committee shall be reviewed from time to time but at least annually.

Section 6.4 Committee Structure

Chairman: The Board of Directors will appoint all Committee Chairman. These appointees shall be members in good standing of FOLB. The term will be for one year. Chairman may be reappointed and/or removed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Committee Members: The Chairman of each committee shall designate the members of such committee. The Board of Directors may make recommendations but final appointment is at the discretion of the Committee Chairman.


Chamber of Commerce Fun after Five

April 30, 2014

FOLB was on display in a front row seat at the April 24 Fun after Five event sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  Lady Bird Johnson Golf Club hosted the event which drew over 200 members of the local C of C and their guests.  FOLB’s goals in participating are to raise FOLB visibility in the community and highlight our Junior Golf Program and Fund Raising.  On hand to support the FOLB cause was the Regional Champion FHS Girl’s Golf Team represnted by Leanne Shackelford, Katelyn Zuberbueler, Lorin Flores, Kaytlen James, Kristen Payne.  The FOLB  booth sported the new FOLB Banner and also a popular door prize raffle.  The winner, Andrew McGown will enjoy golf for two and lunch on the house with our Director of Golf,  Alan Wooley, PGA.


Fun after Five photo 2Fun after Five photo 1

2014 Officers

March 19, 2014

The Board of Directors of FOLB announces the officers and committee chairman for 2014:

Chairman, Board of Directors: Jerry Fischer
President: to be named later in the year
Vice President: Mark Seitz
Secretary: Ron Moerbe
Treasurer: Ann Armentrout

Buzz Roye, Chairman, Junior Golf Committee
Ron Moerbe, Chairman, Green Committee
Jimmy Lukacs, Chairman, Handicap Committee

2014 General Membership Meeting

February 12, 2014

Join us for the 2014 FOLB General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Cardinal Room
Lady Bird Club House
7 PM


4. UPDATE 2013
6. FOLB Board Strategic Planning Jerry Fischer
Board meetings:
FOLB Foundation:
Standing Committees:
Junior Golf:
Green Committee:
Handicap Committee:
Web site:
Chamber of Commerce:
USGA site visits:
Bag tags:
Annual Report to City Council:
Bylaws: may elect up to 15 members: 6 positions open
Current board members with unexpired terms:
Armentrout, Bentch, Chase, Fischer, Gold, Moerbe, Reeh, Roye, Seitz,
Nominations: Joe Kammlah, Anna Marie Kluber
8. JUNIOR GOLF: Buzz Roye, Chairman, Junior Golf Committee
Status of Junior Golf: Ed Dickens, PGA
Joe Kammlah: Optimist Junior Golf Championship
Mark Seitz: Junior Golf Caddy Program
Ron Moerbe: Teaching Facility
9. STATE OF GOLF: Director of Golf, Alan Wooley, PGA

Notice: General Membership Meeting: January 15, 2013

January 5, 2013
On behalf of the Board of Directors of FOLB, I wish to invite you to the 2013 General Membership Meeting.  The meeting is open to the public, so feel free to extend an invitation to all who share our goals
     To create the finest affordable golf venue for Fredericksburg residents and visitors
      To maintain an affordable municipal golf experience for residents
      To create a destination golf experience to support tourism
       To create an excellent junior golf program

Mock-ups for the 2013 Personalized FOLB BagTag will be available.

Beer and wine will be available.
January 15, 2013  
Cardinal Room
Lady Bird Golf Course Club House
1.    Welcome and call to order
 2.    Approval of minutes of 2012 General Membership Meeting (copy attached):  Judy Chase, Secretary
3.    Treasurer report:  Ann Armentrout, Treasurer
4.    Mission Review:  Jerry Fischer, Vice President
5.    FOLB 2012 happenings including Report to City Council: Leonard Bentch, President
6.    Committee Reports          Junior Golf:  Buzz Roye

                                                     Green:  Ron Moerbe

                                                     Handicap:  Jimmy Lukacs

7.    State of Golf 2013Alan Wooley, PGA
 8.    Election of Board of Directors: (Current Board of Directors attached)

9.    Other Business

10.   Adjourn

We look forward to seeing you next week.


November 17, 2011

After careful consideration, Lady Bird Municipal Golf Course and FOLB have  cancelled the GREENS AND GRAPES EVENT previously scheduled for December 3, 2011.  The effort to schedule a combined golfing event with area businesses is one which we will pursue in the future.  The unpredictability of weather in December, the late date of initiating marketing and the disruption to golf operations connected with the planned reconstruction at Lady Bird lead us to postpone what we hope to be an annual event to a more auspicious time.

A lot of good productive work has gone into the planning, all of which will hold us in good stead for next year.  We have developed excellent relationships with Becker, Pedernales Cellars, and Grape Creek wineries and have demonstrated our will to support tourism in our community.  Many members of FOLB have contributed in a myriad of ways:  graphic design, marketing, website mangement, community relations, budgeting, training, transportation issues and more.  None of this would have been possible without the expert leadership of our Director of Golf, Alan Wooley.

Our enthusiasm has responded to pragmatism:  we will learn from our experiences and work toward an event of which we can all be proud next year.


August 22, 2011

City Council approved funding for Phase I renovations at
Lady Bird Golf Course.  The subsequent four
phases detailed in the Master Plan are independent of Phase I; the city is not obligated
to further investment.

Three years of research, hearings and analysis have led to
the broad based consensus that our golf course is not only  a jewel, but a valuable asset that can
significantly improve and support tourism.
Tourism is the biggest economic force in our county:  sales tax receipts provide more revenue to
our city than property taxes.  More than
50% of those sales tax revenues come from visitors.  Hotel occupancy taxes provide additional
millions of dollars used to support local community organizations.

Investing in Lady Bird Golf Course is an investment in the
future of our community.  The golf course
not only provides a quality of life venue for residents as all city parks are
intended to provide, but it is also a draw for business, hiring, and
tourism.  The golf course currently brings
in $1.3 M annually.  Other than the
electric and water departments, no other city department provides this much

Even in an economic down turn, Fredericksburg’s proximity to major cities
continues to bring more and more tourists here each year.  Marketing studies show that tourists want
more outdoor activities, especially for men and residents want more outdoor
activities for children.

attracts over a million visitors per year.
Approximately 10% of visitors play golf.
Research shows targeted marketing will bring golfers to a reasonably
priced golf attraction, especially when coupled with the other wonderful attractions
we currently have. Throughout Texas,   CVB
data show that visitors who come primarily to play golf spend more than the
average tourist, nearly $1000 per weekend.

Fredericksburgis the second-most popular
wine destination in the United
The most rapidly growing segment of tourism here is the winery visitor and
this demographic group overlaps  the traveling
golfer ideally.

Currently, our golf course supports about 32,000 rounds of
golf per year and according to the USGA can readily handle more .  Additional visitor rounds are only possible
with improvement in the golf experience by bringing the course back up to
market standards. Funding for Phase I provides only for these maintenance
items:  there are no bells and
whistles.  The business plan presented to
City Council suggests that as few as an additional 1300 visitor rounds per year
will allow the golf course to meet all its expenses including repayment of the
loan to the city.

Two mayoral administrations over three years have
affirmatively responded to increasing information concerning the golf
course.  Over the past several years,
City Council has authorized the Friends Of Lady Bird to submit a report each
year on the state of golf in our community with an eye to finding the golf
course’s potential for enhancing tourism.
Based upon that report and the experts, City Council has established the
Department of Golf and hired a new Director, PGA Professional Alan Wooley.  Working with a broad based Strategic Planning
Committee and the city’s golf course architect, Jeff Blume, Mr. Wooley has
developed a Master Plan covering 20 years in five phases. This Master Plan was
unanimously approved by City Council.

The information presented to City Council in support of the
Master Plan for Lady Bird is corroborated by experts and professionals, most of
whom were brought here without taxpayer expense.  These experts include the USGA, PGA, National Golf Foundation, agronomists, golf
course superintendents, several golf course architects and contractors, and the
UTSA Graduate School of Business.

The business plan and funding alternatives have been studied
and endorsed by the presidents of our local banks and  other  local citizens experienced in finance, budgeting,
and marketing.  In addition, the plans
have been discussed in public presentations to the Chamber of Commerce and the
Rotary Clubs.  The City Manager and the
City CFO have endorsed the plan’s conservative assumptions and support the
plan.  According to the city’s financial
consultant, using surplus cash reserves from enterprise funds is consistent
with good fiscal policy, does not adversely affect the bond rating, and does
not strip the funds of necessary cash reserves.
Repaying the city rather than a commercial lender/bond holder saves the
golf course approximately $500,000 in interest.
The city’s general fund remains untouched with current reserves
approximately twice those customarily retained.

Lady Bird Golf Course
has been in the public eye for over three years now.  Multiple Op –Ed articles, Town Hall meetings,
public meetings concerning junior golf and Live Oak Creek as well as many presentations
to city staff and City Council have allowed for unprecedented public
input.  This effort is a model for
intensive and inclusive city planning and is the kind of effort all of us would
wish City Council to use for other issues facing the city.